Are you a photographer who takes hundreds of photos on a shoot? Are you a designer or developer working with lots of files for projects? Do you run a media server? Looking for speed? File Renamer X can batch rename hundreds of files in just a few seconds on a 5-year-old computer. With an intuitive user interface, File Renamer X is simple to use and even easier to master.

File Renamer X allows you to be as simple or complex as you want when it comes to bulk file renaming. Want to just find and replace a word? Done. Want to add some new text, remove a phrase, find and replace a word, add a date stamp, and make the files sequential? Easy. Want to be fancy with regular expressions? Go crazy! Bulk file renaming couldn't be easier with File Renamer X.

Simple and powerful bulk file renamer. Rename hundreds of files in seconds. 17 different rename actions available. Each action builds on the result of the previous one for a combined final change. Preview filename changes. See how each rename action affects each file before committing to the change. In-app documentation. Documentation for how the app works and for each rename action. App control preferences. Control behaviors of the app to make it work for you. No in-app purchases, no subscriptions. Buy it once and never have to pay again.
Full size screenshot preview of File Renamer X.

Rename Actions

When File Renamer X was first released in March 2020, it started with just 8 different renaming actions available. Now it features 17 different rename actions to give you the greatest variety of control for renaming files to achieve the results you want. Each rename action has features several options to provide a more granual control over how that specific action works. With 17 rename actions available, bulk file renaming has never been easier.

The current set of renaming actions include:

  • Add Text by Position
  • Add Text by Search
  • Move Text by Position
  • Move Text by Search
  • Swap Text by Position
  • Swap Text by Search
  • Remove Text by Position
  • Remove Text by Search
  • Add Metadata by Position
  • Add Metadata by Search
  • Find and Replace
  • Regex
  • Change Name
  • Change Case
  • Add Date Stamp
  • Make Sequential
  • Rename and Move
Screenshot of File Renamer X in using several rename actions.

The first 10 rename actions are five different pairs of actions with one small difference: by Position and by Search. The by Position actions utilize a cursor in the same way a text editor does. You decide where in the filename that the action will start. Some of them also feature an end point cursor that is comparable to you highlighting text to modify. The by Search actions let you search for something within the existing filename and then modify the name from there. Each rename action builds off of the result of the ones that came before it.


File Renamer X has many useful options to aid you in renaming files. Some features that have been added over the years are based on user feedback, reviews, and requests.

Feature Highlights

  • 17 different rename actions
  • Preview changes before actually renaming files
  • Use as many or as few rename actions as you like in one go
  • Create reusable renaming templates
  • Built-in documentation that's actually helpful
  • File and folder drag-n-drop
  • File sorting based on name, extension, and last modified date
  • Re-arrange both files and actions
  • Duplicate actions exactly as they are for quick, minor changes
  • Frequently updated with new features and performance improvements
  • Designed to work with small and large displays
  • No in-app purchases or subscriptions

User Requests: Added

  • Change file extension
  • New rename action that uses file metadata
  • Control visual spacing between files and actions
  • View the number of active files to be renamed
  • View the number of active actions to be used for renaming
  • Highlight names for copying
  • Drag and drop text into rename action fields
  • Right-click options on text input fields
  • Extra case options in the Change Case rename action
  • Rename and Move
  • Keep only the first X number of characters
  • Option to include all files in sub-folders or just files immediately in the dropped folder

Planned Features

  • Complete re-build of app for performance increase
  • Update Change Case to include Starting/Ending At option
  • Add a Time Stamp rename action
  • Ability to Undo file renames (user requested)
  • Save rename action templates within the app vs imported files (user requested)
  • Ability to rename folders (user requested)
  • File pagination
  • Dark theme option (user requested)
  • Different color themes (user requested)
  • Font size options for the user interface
  • Live preview of new filename as rename actions are added, removed, and modified (user requested)


File Renamer X features an abundance of documentation within the app that is actually helpful. Each rename action has its own set of documentation describing the action and how its options can be used. If you ever need help with getting files renamed, have a feature request, or want to report a bug, there is a contact form built into the app or you can email me. I try to respond within a day to provide assistance.


I think my app File Renamer X is a great bulk file renaming application. Existing users of File Renamer X have found it to be the best bulk file renaming solution available. These reviews are taken directly from the Microsoft Store.

Hands-down the best File Renamer on Windows


I had been pining for a File Renamer that worked as beautifully as a Mac-only software I had used years ago and for a long time, I had never found something that even lived up to that app. But File Renamer X totally exceed its predecessor for me, to the extent that the Mac app feels feature-sparse by comparison now. Bonus is that the dev is quick to respond to feedback and eager to improve the software. Thank you for this beautiful piece of kit that has made my obsessive file organizing so much faster.

— Alex

This app is incredible!


I wish I had found this app a long time ago. The sheer amount of renaming options in this app just blows me away, and you can use them all at once! I work in game dev, and most of the files I have to rename are sprite sheets. I typically have to rename hundreds of files per session, and with very specific naming structures. Renaming hundreds of files individually is simple not feasible. This powerful little app has saved me an amount of hours I can't even calculate. Don't even hesitate. If you're looking for a file renaming app, this is it. Look no further. The developer is also very receptive to feedback, and did not hesitate to respond to my requests. Just awesome, all around.

— Christopher

Fast and Simple to Use File Renamer


The other reviews / ratings are correct. The program is fast and simple. Drop the files in the application, give the desired renaming information (removing part or all of the original file name, renaming, if desired sequentially numbering files, etc. etc.). Uses a simple graphic control panel. The application gives renaming preview and then on command from the user renames the files instantly. Very flexible, very simple, and perfect in function. This is a must-have program if you work with files that need to be renamed to keep them organized.

— John

Simple & Powerful


I've been using File Renamer X for a few months now. It is an EXCELLENT renamer option! Changes names on a few hundred files in seconds, shows if there will be duplicates, allows for previewing. Interface is easy to use. Haven't had any problems. HIGHLY recommend. Thank you! :)

— Maggie

Does exactly what I wanted to do


I wanted to rename my files and include a 2 or 3 digit sequence number to each file. It will create a preview to ensure the format is correct. Then will do the update quickly and flawlessly. Very pleased.

— Alex

Simply Awesome


Simple, easy to use interface with good amount of flexibility. If you have a lot of media files to rename for a plex server, this is the perfect app. Well done!

— Todd

A magnificent creation for all Windows users!


This gem is my #1 go to app when I need to batch rename anything. It's fast, accurate, flexible and nearly mistake proof.

— John

Great product!


Simple and easy to use. Lots of options for renaming files. Works on large batches of files quickly. Does exactly what it says it will. Very pleased with my purchase.

— W

Fast, Easy, Exactly What I Needed


I've tried other free alternatives, but none were able to do the advanced renaming that I was looking for. File Renamer X is a very advanced and powerful, yet easy to use and incredibly intuitive file renamer. It took me a whole 20-30 seconds to add my files, use 2 Find and Replace as well as a Make Sequential, preview my changes, and complete the renaming. This app has made my workflow much faster!

— Cameron

Excellent Utility


Very comprehensive renaming utility. It does everything I needed and more. Very easy to use, and for a great price.

— Joe

Impressive, intuitive, effective!


I am blown away by how effective AND easy this renamer is. There are SO many ways you can adjust, tweak or completely rename files, from 1 to I don't know how many. So far I've done over 200 in one go, having it number them sequentially in the process. It's GREAT!

There are only two things that I would like to see added to make this the perfect program for me. 1) If you are copying and pasting a new name into the app name field, you will need to use keyboard shortcuts (CNTRL + V) to paste it in. It doesn't support a mouse right-click function. 2-*) I wish there was an UNDO button. The program lets you sort and reorder the files to be renamed in three ways, each in two directions, and if you make a mistake and rename them in the wrong order or for some reason a few of the files fail to rename, I didn't find a way to reverse the successful renames. I had 1 case of each of these, but luckily I always keep a backup until changes are to my liking so I was able to just start over.

— CJ


Why sell on the Microsoft Store and not directly?

As a small developer who works on this app as a side project, it benefits you and me. The benefit for you is the Microsoft Store handles the transaction in a safe and secure way, allows you to use Microsoft Store gift cards, app updates are always free to you, you can install to multiple devices* without having to pay for more licenses, and you will always have access to the app to download and install even if I quit working on it in the future. The benefit for me is that the Microsoft Store handles the tax collection (if applicable), provides a user licensing mechanism, allows me to easily offer a free trial, and most people have a Microsoft account already due to Microsoft, more or less, requiring it when setting up a new Windows computer.

What operating systems are supported?

Windows 11 and Windows 10 running at least the Anniversary Update from Fall 2016. (technobabble warning) 64-bit, 32-bit, and ARM64 versions of the app are offered to cover the different types of Windows computers.

How many computers can I install File Renamer X to?

The Microsoft Store's Usage Rules as of May 2023 allow you to install apps on up to 10 different devices that your Microsoft account is signed in to.

Why not support Apple and the Mac App Store?

There are extra costs associated with Apple computers and the Mac App Store. If there is enough demand, I will consider a Mac App Store release.

What limitations does File Renamer X have?

  • Currently, there is no undo feature after renaming file. Be sure to utilize the Preview feature to make sure filenames will be what you want them to be.
  • Only one (1) application window can be opened at a time.
  • Can only rename files, not folders.
  • The only language currently supported is U.S. English.
  • File Renamer X is only available for users located in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • When renaming files on an external drive (USB, SD card, etc.) or drives on a network, it may take a moment longer because the storage device has to be turned on/warmed up for use (assuming it went inactive for a period of time).

How often are there app updates and how do I get them?

App updates are random when they come. I have a full-time job and a family, so I work on the app when I have free moments but can't promise any frequency. I do try to address bugs that are found as soon as possible though. You get the updates through the Microsoft Store app on your Windows computer.

Why so much blue?

It's my favorite color. Sorry. A future update is planned that will feature multiple themes and color options.